SixthCents Payment Gateway

Our payments solution with AI fraud prevention built in.
Payment Gateway

The UK’s first AI payment gateway

SixthCents is the UK’s first payment gateway to incorporate an artificial intelligence fraud solution directly into the payments system. This innovation allows us to provide a very competitively priced gateway with a state of the art fraud prevention service.

98% (or higher) acceptance rates

When using this combined solution, acceptance rates can be increased to 98% or higher, whilst virtually eliminating fraud. The gateway offers everything you would expect from a modern ecommerce solution, including IVR support and recurring payments.

Gateway Functionality

Advanced AI Fraud Protection.

- Fraud models built using your data for the most customised fraud solution.

- 15 Different machine learning methodologies availabley.

- Advanced rules engine.

- See our Fraud Prevention page for more information.


- Turn card details in token.

- Facilitates Recurring Transactions

- Used to identify transaction within the SixthCents Portal.

- Can reduce PCI Scope.

Security Checks

- CVV/CV2 checking (Security Code on back of card).

- Address Verification System (AVS) checks against the issuing bank.

- 3D Secure (Visa and MasterCard scheme).

Virtual Terminal

- Multifunctional, used to cancel & refund.

- Re-run / set-up recurring transactions.

- Used to take MOTO payments.

Recurring Transactions

- Monthly or arbitrary payments.

- Perfect for subscription plans.

- Compatible with MCC6012.

Wallet System / APMS

- Select on Payment Form.

- Existing / ongoing integrations with PayPal, MasterPass & Android Pay.

- Minimise Gateway input/hassle.

IVR Payments

IVR Payments

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows an API to integrate with the customer through the use of voices and tones input via a keypad. For example – IVR is used when paying for a parking ticket over the phone.

IVR solutions provide a reliable and cost-effective way of providing 24/7 card payments. The use of IVR and our payment gateway has demonstrably reduced the manual requirements of staff processing payments.

Contact us to discuss IVR →

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal allows Merchants to securely take Mail Order or telephone payments from Customers. The Virtual Terminal is responsive and therefore loads on any PC, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.

The Virtual Terminal user is able to operate the system under certain permissions, giving an ideal solution for call centres, sales clerks and larger organisations who wish to restrict the ability to view transaction information or process refunds.

Virtual Terminal
Pay by Link

Pay by Link / QR Code

The Pay Button function allows Merchants to create an HTML link that can be embedded into HTML content (e.g. a website or HTML website). When the button is clicked upon by the Cardholder, it will allow a payment to be taken via the SixthCents Portal that will be pre-populated with the data specified when creating the link within the SixthCents Portal.

This is great to chase up invoice payments from Customers, or to offer a ‘one click’ purchase button on an eCommerce website. We offer the Pay by Link feature in the following formats: Styled HTML, Un-styled HTML, Link only (Plain URL), QR Code.

Our Acquirer connections

We offer 20+ acquirer connections across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada & Mexico.
Our Acquirer connections
Our Acquirer connections

Ecommerce Modules

SixthCents offer 20+ ecommerce Modules / Platforms designed to make integration into existing solutions seamless & easy.
Ecommerce Modules
Ecommerce Modules


SixthCents offer two types of integration.


The hosted integration is easy to set up and because you will not have to handle card numbers directly, drastically reduces your PCI scope. The hosted solution is fully iframe compatible.

Download hosted integration guide →

Direct Integration

Direct Integration

SixthCents provide a direct integration via our payments API. This more detailed integration process allows you to have more control over how payments are made, including page aesthetics and may provide a slightly more seamless experience for the customer. The drawback of this integration type is an increase in scope for PCI as you will be processing card details.

SixthCents have developed a range of SDKs to assist merchants with integration into the Gateway using the following platforms: iOS, Android, Python, C#, PHP

Download direct integration guide →

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