Machine Learning

Today’s weapon against online fraud and false positives.
Machine Learning

Unrivalled 99.3% Accuracy

Our in-house machine learning technology is the principle tool used to detect and combat online fraud. No other fraud prevention method can match the accuracy of our system – averaging a precision of 99.3% with our early stage partners.

Powerful Predictive modelling

Our talented data scientists implement more than fifteen of the most powerful predictive modelling methods that have been developed including, TreeBoost and Decision Tree Forests as well as Neural Networks models.

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Fully customised models

SixthCents never uses generic modelling. We will apply a fully customised model, trained from your data. And since different sales channels invariably have different fraud patterns, we will create a different model for each of your markets for the most tailored and effective fraud solution available.

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Eliminate false positives

So your fraud is only 1% of your total online revenues. Sounds okay right? But how many false positives are you declining costing your business millions in revenue a year. SixthCents can both eliminate your online fraud and your false positives.

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Transaction Enrichment

Using proprietary databases and third-party vendors we enrich the transaction so that we know everything from the issuing bank of the card, the longitude and latitude of where the order was placed, the social media details of the card holder and more, meaning that we can vastly improve accuracy.

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Rules Engine

Our flexible, real-time rules engine can be customised to meet the exact needs of your business whether you’re in travel, retail or any other 'card not present' environment. As well as our customisable rules, SixthCents implement standard rules for all transactions such as long and short tail velocity checks.

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The intelligent cloud solution enables smarter blacklisting and whitelisting based on detailed analysis of each data item. We offer cross merchant analysis and can blacklist or whitelist any data item automatically.

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Expert fraud analysts

Fraud prevention systems are only as good as the people who build and maintain them. Our team of expert fraud analysts will work with your business to help spot potential threats and constantly stay ahead of the cybercrime fraudsters. They will schedule regular service reviews with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of SixthCents.

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