Online fraud experts

SixthCents is the UK’s first fully managed, artificial intelligence fraud-prevention service. We are a team of online fraud experts with more than fifteen years’ experience in the fraud-prevention industry covering gaming and gambling, telco, travel, and financial services, but specialising in retail.

Artificial intelligence

Unlike our competitors, we apply the absolute limits of rules-based technology to the latest in artificial intelligence to ensure our online merchants reduce their fraud levels to as low as 0.04% while simultaneously increasing their customer order and acceptance rates to an average of 98%.


At SixthCents we recognise that no two companies experience with fraud is the same. All our merchants have access to a customer portal and are assigned a dedicated fraud analyst to work closely with your business and ensure our service aligns with your needs.

Retain first time customers

99.9% of online merchants decline 5% of online revenue through an overly stringent approach to fraud. The majority are genuine first-time customers who are needlessly declined. First-time customers cost five times as much on average to acquire than keeping an existing customer and SixthCents can help to prevent these ‘false positives’ and retain first time customers.


SixthCents uses a unique combination of innovative technology, Artificial Intelligence and industry experts in fraud prevention to provide a world class solution to the problem of fraud and cybercrime. Our systems are being constantly updated and improved to stay two steps ahead of the fraudsters at all times.


Our simple REST API can be integrated to your payments systems quickly and easily and our team of support staff are on hand to assist with this. We’ll also provide customised, real-time reporting in the format of your choice at no extra cost.


We welcome the chance to trial with all prospective clients and will provide a full bespoke fraud report as online fraud is different for every merchant. Using historical data we’ll highlight your actual revenue losses, including false declines, and demonstrate how much you could save by using SixthCents. Our cloud based solution is platform agnostic and can be easily integrated with any online merchant within hours.